Gym Selfies

Why you should be taking more gym selfies

You know those days when you feel zero inspiration to go to the gym?  You are having a bad day. Your body seems to fit perfectly into the couch and a little voice inside your head keeps whispering that you can always go tomorrow.

But you drag yourself to your room, put on your gym clothes and drive to the gym. You arrive there and guess what? Your motivation to exercise is still zero. You look in the mirror and you definitely do not like what you see. What am I doing here? you think. I’ll never be able to get any better.

But you jump on the treadmill and start walking. Because you promised yourself you would. You pick up those weights anyway and after a few minutes you start having this positive feeling. You feel good. You look at your reflection and something has changed. Maybe you think, hey, I’m not too bad.

You finish your workout. You look in the mirror. Your cheeks are rosy and your face is covered in sweat. Your heart is racing, you feel tired but happy, and you think to yourself, wow, I look amazing!

So you grab your phone and strike your best pose – it’s time for a selfie… or maybe two. And why not post it on social media?

Narcissism? Nope. You are under the effects of endorphins. This natural chemical minimises pain and discomfort and maximises pleasure. Endorphins work as a natural painkiller and also act as sedative. Endorphins increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety and stress and help to beat depression. They also act as an appetite suppressant. Although the effects are similar to the effects of morphine, it doesn’t lead to addiction. It is an all-round great natural high!

So why are endorphins released?

When you are exercising, your body doesn’t know you are safe. It thinks you’re fighting or fleeing an enemy. To help you cope with this stressful situation, your nervous system releases endorphins to protect and repair your memory neurons. When you finish your workout, your body celebrates the fact that you are safe, and what you feel is this euphoric sensation.

So create a routine of exercising every day, understanding that most days are likely to be difficult to start and that’s ok, just push through the first few minutes and your body will thank you! Remember that fantastic feeling and use it as motivation to exercise. Not only will you feel amazing, you’ll be building a stronger body and a stronger mind.

 “I really regret that workout”
– No one never

There is no way we can regret a workout. We can have our daily dose of happiness for free, and all we need is our own body.

Can’t get to the gym? Do it at home. Don’t have any equipment? Use your body weight. Don’t have much time? Increase the intensity.

And once you do it, take that selfie and use it to build your motivation, to push yourself further. Keep yourself accountable to reach your goals and track your fitness journey. Then share it with the world and show that nothing comes easy, that you are working hard and that everyone can do it too. And when you see some of those fitness selfie posts, give them a like. Encourage a world where people are working hard just like you, chasing endorphins, and not illicit drugs or anti-depressants.

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