A small selection of tiny bits of fitness info.

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Pregnancy Progress and Postpartum

Timelapse: First measurement vs last measurement during pregnancy:   Postpartum:

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Prepping for IFBB competition

Anything that can be measured can be improved. That's how I used to do before creating Fitsual app. I would take my measurements and photo each week and design the cards below. This would give

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My Fitness Journey in photos

When I look back I can't believe how much my body changed... from being in a competition to being pregnant, each phase was special and it blows my mind to see what our bodies can

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Why Fitsual?

The infographic below explains in a glance the learnings from my fitness journey that lead to the decision to create Fitsual app.

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Gym Selfies

Why you should be taking more gym selfies

You know those days when you feel zero inspiration to go to the gym?  You are having a bad day. Your body seems to fit perfectly into the couch and a little voice inside your

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10 Insider Tips for the Best Fitness Mindset

You decide you want to get in shape. So you pay for a membership at the gym. You show up a couple of times in your new trainers, protein shake in hand, and within a

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What gets measured gets improved

On the left is when I started taking my progress photos and measuring / weighting myself every week. Surely wasn’t easy to start… ? I didn’t want to see what the numbers on the scale

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My fitness story starts with a pair of jeans

My fitness story starts with a pair of jeans Download the app When I started uni, everybody was wearing low-rise jeans. I wanted to wear them too, and I wanted to look good wearing them. I was never overweight but when I looked

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