Scales don’t tell the whole story


Regular photos overlaid with useful data gives you a more accurate view of direction and allows for immediate adjustments


Tracking your progress helps to maintain focus and motivation to remain driven towards your goals.


Why Fitsual?

See this infographic




To track your fitness progress and maintenance


If you are training for a challenge or competition


For Personal Trainers to use with their clients


For moms to be watching their bump growing during pregnancy!

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Alline Louise

My journey into fitness started for two reasons: because I wanted to feel good wearing low waisted jeans when I was at uni and, more importantly, because my family has a historical of heart disease.

What at first was a burden became a routine, then part of my life and then a passion. But the process wasn’t easy especially because I was basing my progress just on what the scales told me.

After going for a few fitness photoshoots and bodybuilding competitions I learned how to use measurements in conjunction with exercises and good nutrition to understand my body. I then found that combining that data I was collecting with visual photos was the key to achieving the results I was after whilst providing the motivation I needed to keep striving for better.

With another part of my life I’m a Graphic Designer that specialises in infographics, and with this I take data and make it visually simple. So I wanted to join my two passions, and create products and services that utilise this and encourages others to learn how to better read their bodies just like I now do…

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